Supply Chain Management Advances That Will Blow Your Mind

Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software does a few things. First of all, we have some reporting that allows us to take a look at how data records in our system. That is to say, where is it that my shipment has been? Where is it going right now?

We have a bunch of different ways to deliver this information to the customer. Also, you need some version of automated reporting. Either that or a simple dashboard that the customer can look at. This allows them to see where this shipment is. Also, to be able to take a look at if it’s on time.

Now you have all this information collected. This allows the customer to see where they have bottlenecks in their supply chain. Also, you can see where shipments miss. All this information collected together gives them a good snapshot of how the freight is moving from one place to the other. That information ties together in a couple of different ways.

Automation in Our System

We have a lot of automation that occurs in our system. One way that the physical flow ties back to our system is once a carrier records the information, it sends information back to us real time from the carrier. It also sends from their system. Also, if we’re using a different type of automation, there can be a slight delay, but it occurs the same way. The carrier records the information, we receive it, and then that allows us to record the physical movement of the freight. Then it translates that into a status in our system.

Supply Chain Management

How is it that I’m going to collect money from my customer after I provide a service? That’s one piece. Our system allows our customer to stay on top of their collections from their customers. That is a big piece of their relationship.

If they have a customer that isn’t paying on time, then that should be a red flag for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Can they collect the money in the first place?
  2. Is this a problem that you need to address with the customer?

So, there are lots of different pieces to the relationship. But a big piece is making sure that our customer can collect money from theirs.


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