Access Better LTL Shipping Rates

Discover the power of Tai's integrations with industry leaders

Ideal For Brokers Aiming To Expand Their Business.

Gain access to vetted 3PLs bidding for your business, ensuring credibility, solvency, and top-notch customer service. Tai Software streamlines the comparison and booking of LTL freight, providing the buying power of a large brokerage from your browser. Verified sellers offer a range of rates, granting flexibility to choose and switch between partners easily within Tai TMS.

End-To-End Automation

Direct carrier integrations allow shipments to go from quote to delivery without needing manual intervention. Carrier notifications feed directly into the TMS activity log for on-demand updates.

Instant Rating

API tariffs allow brokers and their clients to have instant access to on-demand rating engines displaying every LTL rate. This empowers brokers with instant side by side rate comparison within a single platform.

Automated Dispatching And Tracking

Removal of the need for manual data entry, assignment, and logging. Moves shipments from quote to delivery without ever needing manual intervention. Fewer opportunities for error.

Competitive Rates, Real-Time Visibility, And Seamless Automation

Receive and Shop Competitive Rates from More than a Dozen Integrated Brokerages.

Select a Carrier Which Gives You Visibility into your Freight.

Real-Time Notifications Allow you to Make Decisions in Real-Time.

Automate your shipments from Quote to delivery and all the way to invoicing.

Generate BOLs and Shipping Labels Directly from the System.

Unlock Insights and Trends with Advanced Analytics for Smarter Decision-Making.

Effortless Mobile Tracking And Management Solution

Tai’s Marketplace is an online, self-service tool which carriers and logistics service providers leverage to grow shipment volumes by aligning their service offerings. As freight industry experts, we know what you need and have built the system to help in your success. Tai TMS connects directly to LTL Carriers, effectively automating the entire shipment lifecycle from quote to delivery. If you don’t care to do business with one seller, you can simply flip a switch to turn off their rates, and you’ll still have plenty of rates to choose from.

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