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Tai Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for finding the most competitive LTL rates. Whether you are a shipper looking to save money, an LTL broker looking for better rates, or an FTL broker missing out on LTL opportunities, Tai Marketplace can help.


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Carriers & Logistics Service Providers leverage Tai Marketplace, to grow shipment volumes by aligning their service offerings with the demand created by synergistic relationships within the Tai TMS Ecosystem.

Tai Marketplace

The Tai TMS Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for finding the most competitive LTL rates. The marketplace is perfect for brokers looking to grow their LTL business, but do not yet have the buying power to negotiate competitive rates with carriers directly.The Tai Marketplace connects you to an array of 3PLs that all bid for your business. Every company selling LTL rates in the marketplace has been vetted by Tai industry experts to ensure each participant is credible, solvent, and has the expertise to deliver top-tier customer service to every buyer in the marketplace.

How Does It Work?

Tai Software makes comparing and booking LTL freight more efficient, reliable, and more competitive, giving you the buying power of a large brokerage, right from your browser. Tai puts every seller through a stringent process to make sure they’re credible, solvent, and have a knowledgeable staff to handle any problem that arises on the carrier side. With so many broker rates to choose from, you’ll never be stuck with one business partner to buy rates from. If you don’t care to work with one, you simply turn their rate off in Tai TMS and you still have an array of rates to choose from.

Instant Rating

API tariffs allow brokers and their clients to have instant access to on-demand rating engines displaying every LTL rate. This empowers brokers with instant side by side rate comparison within a single platform.

End-to-End Automation

Direct carrier integrations allow shipments to go from quote to delivery without ever needing manual intervention. Carrier notifications feed directly into the TMS activity log for on-demand updates.

Automated Dispatching and Tracking

Removal of the need for manual data entry, assignment, and logging. Moves shipments from quote to delivery without ever needing manual intervention. Fewer opportunities for error.

Marketplace Dashboard

Instant Rating

Compare hundreds of instant freight shipping quotes with all-in shipment fees and know exactly what level of service you’re getting every time. Tai Software has everything you need to deliver great service.

Maintain Ownership and Independence

Now, by connecting to the Tai TMS marketplace, you will have access to rates from several established LTL brokers instantly. Tai TMS is also able to load in all your own LTL rates to make it easy to select whichever rates help you win the business. Our marketplace will help you increase your LTL shipment volume without being tied up in an exclusive 3PL relationship. Once you have enough volume, you’ll have the negotiating power to establish direct relationships with LTL carriers. Couple this with Tai TMS and your team will have the industry’s top standard for LTL automation.

24/7 Support

Tai TMS provides access to decades of applied expertise working behind the scenes. Our software support team of freight experts are on-call 24 hours a day to help you navigate documentation, freight specifics, and any challenges that may arise so you can reach your business goals. We want to make sure you have a wonderful experience with your TMS. When you need help our team is available without hourly support fees.

The Tool You Need

The Tai Marketplace is an online, self-service tool which carriers and logistics service providers leverage to grow shipment volumes by aligning their service offerings. As freight industry experts, we know what you need and have built the system to help in your success. Tai TMS connects directly to LTL Carriers, effectively automating the entire shipment lifecycle from quote to delivery. If you don’t care to do business with one seller, you can simply flip a switch to turn off their rates, and you’ll still have plenty of rates to choose from.

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