Lifecycle of a Shipment – Phase 4: Carrier Selection & Dispatch

Reduce Quote Errors + Improve Carrier Selection with Real-time Data

Selecting the best carrier for your shipment can be overwhelming when you have quotes coming in from multiple disparate sources. Emails, phone calls, and load boards mean never ending back-and-forth that consumes significant parts of your day. Tai TMS helps brokers simplify their carrier selection process and enables data-driven decisions based on price, ratings, margin, and compliance.

Carrier Selection

Understanding that data is key to making informed decisions, we provide the tools to gather multiple data sources, including our own rate view and Greenscreens’ predictability model. With more data points per shipment, you can make more accurate decisions when selecting carriers. Limited capacity, finding reliable carriers, and ensuring compliance can be optimized by selecting the right carrier.

Using Tai TMS, you can access:

Data-Driven Insights

Greenscreens.AI Predictability Model

Carrier Ratings, Margin, and Compliance Evaluation

Carrier Quoting

Choosing the Right Carrier for Your Shipment

Once you’ve created and posted your shipment, whether it’s one at a time or in bulk, Tai TMS makes it easy to pick the right truck to cover the load by consolidating all carriers and active quotes in one place for you to manage. In this view you can:

  • See each carriers ratings from 0-5 stars based on quality deliveries in the past
  • View all active quotes per carrier to compare prices easily
  • Select the carrier that’s right for you
  • Automatically remove the shipment from every load board that it was previously posted to
  • Send carrier confirmation contracts easily

Ensure Carriers are in Compliance

Tai’s data-driven carrier selection platform considers carrier ratings, margin, and compliance to ensure the best choice for your shipment. Our commitment to compliance helps avoid issues with carriers lacking safety scores or active insurance.

carrier selection and dispatch can be easy for brokers with the right data

Why Choose the Tai TMS?

Tai gives your team unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards and capacity tools.


Create a hierarchy for your organization and connect all of your tools to gain the visibility you need.


Your own branded Customer Portal to give your customers access to book and track shipments.


Automate your documents and carrier bill audit with Tai accounting automation.


One-stop-shop for finding the most competitive LTL rates.