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Revolutionize LTL Rate Management with Tai: Precision, Power, and Seamless Integration for Logistics Success

LTL Rate Management

Explore unparalleled efficiency in LTL rate management with Tai's Rating Engine. This revolutionary tool streamlines access to your negotiated rates, allowing for seamless margin adjustments tailored to each customer. Experience the harmonious blend of precision and empowerment, all aimed at boosting customer satisfaction.

Reduce Rebills

Unleash the power of Tai’s Smart Order Entry, meticulously designed to elevate accuracy in every transaction. Eliminate errors in class, weight, dimensions, or overlooked accessorials. With Tai, streamline your operations, and envision a future where billing disputes decrease by an impressive 35%. Tai is the strategic advantage that brings precision and strength to your logistics.

Integrate Every Source

Dive into the heart of logistical innovation with Tai’s advanced integration capabilities, bridging the gap between your unique rate agreements and operational efficiency with ease. This sophisticated platform empowers you to bring every rate source together under one roof, facilitating effortless margin customization for every client interaction. 

Increase Shipment Volume By 30%

Tai combines smart technology with personalized logistics solutions. We’re focused on streamlining freight management, leveraging AI to enhance service clarity, operational efficiency, and reliable support. Our aim is to consistently give our clients the competitive edge they need.