Full Truckload

Real Time Tracking

Simplify shipment tracking with Tai TMS, reducing manual tasks, and boosting customer service efficiency. Ditch check calls, streamline your processes, and stay informed in real-time.

Reduce Manual Tasks and Improve Customer Service

Managing shipments can be a time-consuming and tedious process, costing brokers valuable time each day. Tai’s innovative technology solutions offer efficient and reliable shipment tracking and visibility on a single cloud-based platform. Eliminate manually calling your carriers and receive regular updates in real-time from our tracking application to keep you informed every step of the way.

A Solution for Every Type of Brokerage

Whether you’re a Truckload or LTL (less than truckload) broker, Tai TMS offers the perfect solution for your operations. Our comprehensive platform is equipped with all the essential components to ensure your brokerage’s success.

Track And Trace Made Easy: Dispatch To Transit

Tracking shipments effectively is crucial for brokers to maintain control and visibility over their operations when a load is in transit. Doing this manually can not only increase the risk of potential errors but can also lead to delays in the tracking process, impacting overall efficiency. Using Tai TMS’s Track and Trace.

Solutions you can:

Improve Customer Experience For Shipper And Carrier

Providing high quality customer service is just one of the many pieces of a broker’s day. When you automate and simplify tracking shipments, you can give customers better peace of mind, clarity and transparency if there are delays, and an opportunity to develop deeper relationships.

Using Tai TMS, you can:

Why Choose Tai TMS?

Tai gives your team unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards and capacity tools.

Full Operational Visibility

Create a hierarchy for your organization and connect all of your tools to gain the visibility you need.

Professional Client Portal

Your own branded Customer Portal to give your customers access to book and track shipments.

Accounting Made Easy

Automate your documents and carrier bill audit with Tai accounting automation.

LTL Marketplace

One-stop-shop for finding the most competitive LTL rates.

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