Less Than truckload

Industry-Leading LTL Automation

Unlocking the Future: Tai's Revolutionary LTL Automation Redefines Efficiency!

Elevate Your Freight Operations with Tai TMS

Whether you’re a Truckload or LTL (less than truckload) broker, Tai TMS offers the perfect solution for your operations. Our comprehensive platform is equipped with all the essential components to ensure your brokerage’s success.


Proactive Connection Monitoring

We don’t settle for just connectivity; we proactively monitor connections to guarantee a staggering 20% increase in automation success. 


No Third Party Required

Say goodbye to tedious third-party dependencies and welcome the Tai advantage. Embrace automation that exceeds expectations—more reliable and efficient.

Next-Level Freight Management
Unleash Potential with Tai TMS

Tai TMS is a versatile freight management system that speeds up your operations and supports business expansion. It automates the shipping process for all sizes of cargo, seamlessly integrating with leading carriers. This automation eliminates manual tasks, allowing you to efficiently manage shipments and concentrate on growing your business.

Revolutionizing / LTL Automation
Experience industry-leading automation as Tai connects directly to carriers, eliminating the need for third-party hassles. We don't just talk about efficiency – we redefine it with a unique blend of API integrations, robust EDI integrations, and proactive connection monitoring.
Cutting-Edge API Integration
Experience the future of automation with Tai's state-of-the-art API integrations directly to the carriers, ensuring a seamless connection that outperforms industry standards' success rate by 20%.

Rock-Solid EDI Backups
Count on Tai's powerhouse EDI integrations for an unyielding link to carriers. Each API connection gets the backing of our rock-solid EDI, ensuring automation prevails even in the face of carrier API challenges. It's the epitome of a next-level automation experience.

Automate Your LTL Operations by 100%, From Quote to Invoicing

Transform your logistics operations with unparalleled automation across the board. Eliminate manual tasks and streamline every phase of your LTL freight management – starting with accurate, instant quotes, progressing through efficient load matching, and culminating with streamlined invoicing processes. 

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