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Transforming Efficiency in LTL: Direct Carrier Integration

Forge ahead in LTL automation with Tai’s direct carrier integrations, achieving unparalleled efficiency with a 20% boost in automation success. Utilize Tai’s rating engine to tailor margins with ease, envisioning a future where billing disputes decrease by 35% and precision reigns supreme. Embrace streamlined operations with Tai’s automated carrier bill audit, ensuring rugged reliability and significant time savings. Command your domain with Tai’s Tariff Wizard, where you’re not just a freight broker, but a masterful conductor of efficiency and precision.

Leading LTL Automation

Tai pioneers in LTL automation by integrating directly with carriers, eliminating third-party hassles. Using API and EDI integrations with proactive monitoring, we boost automation success by 20%, significantly reducing manual work. Step into efficient future logistics with Tai.

Automated Invoicing

Tai boosts your cash flow by automating invoicing, sending them to customers as soon as bills are audited. This fast-tracks payments, speeding through collections. With Tai, experience streamlined cash flow management in the bustling freight world.

Easy Rate Shopping

Tai’s rating engine connects you to your LTL rates, allowing for easy margin adjustments. It avoids classification or accessory errors, promoting a future with 35% fewer billing disputes. With Tai, experience precision and heightened customer satisfaction.

Direct Email integration

Tai integrates spot-quote opportunities directly into your email, enhancing responsiveness to client requests with automated load building. Stand always ready, never missing an opportunity, ensuring logistics efficiency with Tai's direct email synchronization.

Automated Carrier Bill Audit

Tai redefines logistics efficiency by automatically auditing carrier bills against quotes, with direct carrier integrations. Discrepancies are handled with a human touch, streamlining operations and saving time. Trust Tai for a reliable, automated audit process.

Tariff Wizard

Tai’s Tariff Wizard revolutionizes LTL rate management, letting you seamlessly create and manage tariffs. It’s designed for freight brokers seeking total rating control, including static and customer-specific rates, making you a strategic architect of your rates.

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