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Effortless Mobile Tracking And Management

Tai allows you to track shipments, send carrier confirmations, request PODs, and collect signatures. With various tools and integrations, your team will have full visibility and a record of all shipments and deliveries conveniently stored in one place.

AI Extracts Shipment Details From Incoming Quote Requests

Real-time shipment visibility and data analytics allow logistics managers and key decision-makers to keep their finger on the pulse and make quick decisions.

Keep Your Logistics Enterprise At Your Fingertips

Elevate your logistics efficiency with Tai TMS. Seamlessly access real-time data for informed decision-making, compete confidently, and optimize financial processes. Regardless of your brokerage size, Tai equips you with essential tools and expertise to excel in the industry.

Data-Driven Strategic Decisions

Our TMS grants real-time access to vast data, empowering strategic decisions, trend analysis, and growth opportunities.

Compete with Confidence

Irrespective of brokerage size, our TMS equips you with vital tools, data, and skills to excel and compete effectively.

Optimize Financial Processes

Our TMS offers robust AR and AP management for streamlined invoicing, payment tracking, and efficient financial operations.

Client Testimonials

At Tai TMS, we don’t just provide a platform; we forge partnerships that drive success.

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Tai combines smart technology with personalized logistics solutions. We’re focused on streamlining freight management, leveraging AI to enhance service clarity, operational efficiency, and reliable support. Our aim is to consistently give our clients the competitive edge they need.