Less Than truckload

Tariff Wizard

Master Your Logistics Connectivity with Tai's Tariff Wizard: Simplify Common Carrier Rates, Effortless Manual Rates for Regionals, and Seamless 3PL Pricing Integration

Automated Bill Retrieval

Enter a new era of logistics efficiency with Tai. Our direct integrations with carriers empower us to seamlessly pull in your carrier bills, straight from the rugged terrain of carrier sites. No manual hassles, no delays—just a swift, precise acquisition of data, setting the stage for a logistics revolution.

Stay On Top of Shipment Updates

Navigate the fast-paced world of logistics with Tai as your reliable guide. Tai streamlines communication by managing email updates for you, covering every stage of the shipment process. With Tai’s automated updates, you’ll never miss an important piece of information. Keep yourself and your clients informed, ensuring every shipment’s journey is transparent and smooth.

Automate Your Quoting Process

Harness the power of Tai to conquer your inbox challenges. This rugged companion doesn’t just sit idly; it scans through incoming emails, swiftly identifying requests and committed shipments from your clients. Tai’s intuitive algorithms prioritize, organize, and streamline your inbox, making you the hero who stays on top of every inquiry. Picture yourself effortlessly managing client communication, powered by Tai’s dynamic features.

Client Testimonials

At Tai TMS, we don’t just provide a platform; we forge partnerships that drive success.

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