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Automated Carrier Bill Audit

Revolutionize Your Logistics: Tai's Seamless Bill Integration and Automated Precision Audit

Automated Bill Retrieval

Enter a new era of logistics efficiency with Tai. Our direct integrations with carriers empower us to seamlessly pull in your carrier bills, straight from the rugged terrain of carrier sites. No manual hassles, no delays—just a swift, precise acquisition of data, setting the stage for a logistics revolution.

Transformative Freight Management Solutions

Revolutionize your logistics operations with Tai TMS, combining time-saving tools, profit optimization, and competitive pricing intelligence to elevate your brokerage service.

Streamline Your Rebill Process

When bills deviate, Tai’s dispute log becomes the battleground where expertise meets precision. Our organized approach ensures every pricing contrast is flagged and ready for evaluation. Embrace a streamlined method of handling discrepancies, eliminating chaos in dispute resolution. Maximize your people resources with Tai.

Automated Invoicing

Tai’s prowess extends beyond audit—imagine the power of triggering automated invoicing to your clients. With precision-driven accuracy, Tai ensures that the entire process, from bill retrieval to approval and invoicing, is seamlessly connected. Embrace the future where Tai’s automated audit not only saves time but becomes the catalyst for a streamlined invoicing process, enhancing your efficiency and solidifying your logistics game. 

Client Testimonials

At Tai TMS, we don’t just provide a platform; we forge partnerships that drive success.

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