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Direct Email Integration

Revolutionize Your Logistics Communication with Tai: From Automated Shipment Updates to Effortless Quoting and Proactive Client Engagement

Streamline Operations with AI-Enhanced
Email Integration

Establish a seamless integration with your inbox, tapping into AI for email scraping that enables Tai to automate shipment creation, tracking updates, and paperwork organization. Free your team from tedious data entry and manual tasks, empowering them to deliver an enhanced customer experience with precision and speed.

Proactive Client Engagement

Transform into a logistics superhero with Tai, intercepting clients’ needs directly from your inbox with instant updates. Skip reacting and start leading with proactive communications, making each client interaction a dynamic, client-focused journey. Elevate your game, be the champion your clients depend on.

Streamlined Quoting Process

Let Tai power through your inbox, identifying and addressing client requests and shipments efficiently. With Tai, you’re not just reacting; you’re ahead, transforming every email exchange with speed and intelligence. Be the communications powerhouse your clients admire.

Dynamic Logistics Support

Tai stands as your ultimate logistics ally, guiding you through every email with precision and ease. Revolutionize how you communicate, keeping clients updated automatically and ensuring every journey is seamless. Miss no chance to impress, with Tai ensuring informed, smooth operations.

Client Testimonials

At Tai TMS, we don’t just provide a platform; we forge partnerships that drive success.

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