Less Than Truckload

Automated Invoicing

Optimize Your Accounting Process: Enhance Cash Flow

Master Your Cash Flow Game with Tai

Experience the revolution in freight finance with Tai at the helm. In the competitive landscape, cash flow takes the throne, and Tai is here to elevate it to new heights. Tai’s precision ensures that invoices take flight seamlessly, reaching your customers like never before. Dive into a realm where financial mastery is at your fingertips, and cash flow becomes the powerhouse that propels your freight operations forward.

Automated Invoice Delivery Mastery

Tai’s precision doesn’t stop at audit; it propels your logistics into a realm of automation. With bills audited at lightning speed, Tai’s system seamlessly delivers automated invoices to your clients. The moment bills align or fall within tolerance, Tai takes charge, ensuring your clients swiftly receive and process invoices. Embrace a future where Tai’s quick audit translates into the rapid delivery of invoices, offering your logistics the professional and no-nonsense solution it demands.

Swift Precision in Audit

Enter a new era of logistics efficiency with Tai’s Automated Carrier Bill Audit. We redefine the game by seamlessly pulling in your carrier bills through direct integrations and swiftly conducting a meticulous audit against the original quote. If bills align or fall within tolerance, Tai’s precision triggers an automatic approval, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Experience the efficiency that comes with Tai’s quick audit process, setting the stage for a logistics revolution.

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