Lifecycle of a Shipment – Phase 1: Shipment Creation

Are manual processes causing you to lose loads to your competitors?

Create shipments with automation tools, like those found in Tai TMS and capture more data, win more loads and save up to 11 hours per week, per rep.

Five Ways to Automate Shipment Creation

Shipment creation and finding load coverage monopolizes significant amounts of a broker’s time. From spot shipments to dedicated lanes, adding shipments to your system creates operational bottlenecks that prevent you from capturing 100% of your data, including shipper volumes, inhibiting your customer reps from sourcing new opportunities, while decreasing your win ratios.

Tai offers various methods to create shipments so you can focus on what matters most – servicing your customers and scaling your business.

Streamline or fully automate your shipment creation processes by:

Shipment Creation

Optimizing Manual Entry

Create shipments more efficiently in Tai TMS’s Shipment Creation page. One screen gives you:

  • A customer address book that auto-populates origin and destination information
  • Custom templates for your customers
  • The elimination of repetitive data entry
  • Duplicate shipments easily for recurring customers
  • Quick access to data like expected accessorial fees

Automating Through EDI or API Connection

Eliminate manual entry errors and time, and the back-and-forth with your customers, when they connect their ERP by either an EDI or API connection. Using Tai’s native EDI and API connections, you can:

  • Receive shipments immediately from a customer’s ERP
  • Book more loads
  • Create spot quotes faster
  • Focus on capturing 100% of a shipper’s volume
  • Increase your win ratio
  • Search for new opportunities
Create Shipments with Tai TMS Bulk Shipment Import

Consolidating and Simplifying with a Bulk Upload

Create Shipments in bulk by importing a large list of shipments into Tai TMS with the click of a button. Eliminating tedious and manual entry is as easy as:

  • Preparing your list for upload using Tai’s easy-to-implement templates
  • Selecting the “Bulk Import” option in the Shipment dropdown menu
  • Viewing all of your uploaded shipments on one screen

Connecting to the Customer Portal

Have your customer log into their own custom portal customized with your branding and take the work off of your shoulders. Shippers can input their own shipment information directly in their portal to:

  • View overall pricing
  • Get instant spot quotes
  • Quickly acquire load coverage without sending you an email or request
Create Shipments with Tai TMS Custom Customer Portal
Tai Email Assistant

Leveraging Tai’s Email Assistant

Consolidate the hundreds of emails you receive daily when you add Tai’s Email Assistant tool to your TMS. Tai’s Email Assistant sits in the background of your tech stack and scrapes all relevant shipment information directly into the Tai platform, so you don’t have to switch between different screens, search your inbox, or email back-and-forth to create a shipment. Using the Email Assistant, you can:

  • Automatically create shipments
  • Easily communicate with your customers about the shipment
  • Eliminate pricing bottlenecks
  • Improve win/loss data visibility
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Why Choose the Tai TMS?

Tai gives your team unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards and capacity tools.


Create a hierarchy for your organization and connect all of your tools to gain the visibility you need.


Your own branded Customer Portal to give your customers access to book and track shipments.


Automate your documents and carrier bill audit with Tai accounting automation.


One-stop-shop for finding the most competitive LTL rates.