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Automation Software

Email Assistant

Send Quotes Faster

Tai Email Assistant uses Al to extract shipment details from incoming quote requests and responds with a quote in minutes.

Tai Email Assistant

Increase Revenue

With fast responses to every quote request, automation software helps you book more shipments, increasing. Never miss an opportunity.

Win More Spot Quotes

Tai Email assistant automates your spot quoting process so you never miss an opportunity. Faster Quoting = More Opportunities

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce labor costs by empowering each staff member with Al, enabling one individual to respond to 30% more quote requests per day.

Secure More Business

When your customers email you for quotes or status updates on their shipments, Tai TMS can respond with a quote or a tracking update automatically.

automation software for freight brokers Tai TMS Email Assistant

Tai Email Assistant

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Enable each staff member to get through customer emails 30% faster

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Never miss an email quote request with an AI tool built for speed

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Faster quoting keeps clients happy and secures more business

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