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Read How Boost Quadrupled Their LTL Brokerage After Switching to Tai TMS

When they were getting started, they knew they needed an efficient transportation management system (TMS) for their large customer base and high shipping volume, that’s when they found Tai Software.

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Boost Transport is the ultimate one-stop logistics solution that guarantees the highest quality of services. They operate by consulting the logistical demands of their customers to create personalized services, improving customer’s distribution and shipping costs.

Boost Transport's Results at a Glance

1 %

more efficient with their LTL shipping

1 x

their shipments without needing to 4x their staff

1 %

of Boost LTL shipments are automated, doubling profitability in the sector

A Leap of Faith and a Stellar Recommendation

When Boost Transport (LTL Brokerage) decided to take a leap of faith and step into the world of logistics for themselves, they weren’t sure what they needed in a TMS. Their previous system was among the top 5 in the United States, so they had high standards. After hearing rave reviews about Tai Software, they began to gradually integrate it into their system.

Tai TMS for Truckload Brokers
“As we grow we're bringing in a lot more Fortune 500 customers. These customers have different requirements and specs than some of the smaller companies we’ve worked with in the past. With the addition of these larger customers, Tai has helped to ensure we can deliver premier customer service and secure capacity to some of the largest companies in the United States.”
Todd Redish
President, Boost Transport

Readily Available Customer Service

Historically, Boost had had poor customer service experiences when they had software issues or needs. With Tai, the Boost team knows that any needs are addressed promptly and accurately. The Tai Knowledge Base and Learning Platform gives Boost the tools they need to perform at a high level.

Streamlined LTL Brokerage, Shipping with 20% More Efficiency

Boost Transport witnesses 20% more efficiency from their brokers within their LTL shipping service, as 90-95% of these shipments are automated. This time savings has allowed for Boost to 4x their LTL brokerage output.

Bandwidth to Take on More Shipments without adding headcount

Tai’s TMS allows Boost to quadruple their LTL brokerage shipments without needing to quadruple their hires.

Utilizing Technology to Meet Future Goals

Boost Transport has significant goals for the further development of their booming organization. As they move forward into the future of what’s expected for a 3PL, they’re ready to ensure they have the technology to keep up with changing trends and close the gaps they’re seeing in the industry.