Best Shipping Rates for the Best Profit

Best Shipping Rates With Teknowlogi

Your best shipping rates are achievable in a few ways.

There are a lot of rates available to customers. So if you go onto FedEx’s website or UPS’s website, you’re chasing down a rate. And you may have some difficulty making sure that they are the best shipping rates today.

One of the ways that you can ensure that you’re getting a better rate is by working through a brokerage. The brokerage has a history with the carrier. This means they may have some discounted rates available through their system. So when you work through them, it allows you to take advantage of these rates that they’ve negotiated.

So now if you relate that back to a TMS or a platform that Teknowlogi offers, which:

  • Puts your rates into our system
  • Allows our system to pull a rate back from those carriers that you got rates from
  • Presents you with the best shipping rates, and
  • The lowest rates with each of those carriers

Large Businesses v. Small Businesses

There is a difference between shipping rates for large and small businesses. A way to think about that is by pure volume. When a brokerage has a large customer, that large customer will receive a discounted rate. The brokerage is going to have a history of volume with that customer. They can take that volume and direct it to the carrier.

They’ll say “Look, this customer is doing X amount of business through us and continuing to do that business through us, let’s go ahead and give them a discounted rate because of the volume that they’re doing.”

And everybody stands to make a profit there, and they’ll receive one of the best shipping rates.

best shipping rates

The smaller businesses are not going to be able to take advantage of that because they don’t have the volume. They’re going to fall under a blanket rate or something else that’s available to the brokerage.

Are the Prices Right?

So the million-dollar question is who has the prices that represent the best shipping rates? You can do a lot of digging to find those. You can go onto the individual carrier sites and see who it is that’s going to give you the best shipping rates.

But what’s going to allow you to get that rate is having a history either with a carrier or with a brokerage. Then, you can load those rates into a system you use, like Teknowlogi’s TMS.

Once you have those in the system, you’ll receive what the best shipping rates available for you today are. You plug that stuff into our system and allow our integrations to pull back the best shipping rates for you. And you’ve taken out all the guesswork.


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