How to Manage Emails and Make More Money

Common mistakes that can happen when you’re managing your email inbox is addressing messages in the order they came in, either from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Instead, you should sort them and make sure that you address anything that is really pertinent to making money immediately.

Why is Prioritizing Emails Important?

If you have quote requests coming in from clients, or if someone wants to know where their shipment is, they’re going to email you. You need to address those first. Other, less important emails can be bounced to later in the day.

A common mistake I think we all make is spending too much time on emails that don’t matter. Emails that make us money in the freight industry are the most important.

I’ve even made the mistake of just going from top to bottom and just addressing emails in order. It’s better instead to skim through and address the most important emails first.

How to Manage Emails Correctly

When you manage emails correctly, you’re a lot more efficient, right? So, if you manage emails based on addressing the most important ones then, you’re gonna be more efficient and you’re probably gonna make more money in that regard.

There’s always emails that can wait till later in the day or even the next day. And then, there’s some emails that have to be addressed immediately. And so, identifying those emails and responding to them quickly makes your operation more efficient and makes your operation more money. And that’s, of course, why we’re all in business — to make more money.

How to Manage Emails with Machine Learning

Being really efficient with your inbox is really important. The way machine learning can help somebody manage their email inbox is by essentially learning the workflow that you use for your emails.

how to manage emails featured

A machine learning algorithm can actually comb through your emails and surface the ones that are most important. And as time goes on, as you sort of address the ones that are most important, a machine learning algorithm actually gets better at understanding how you work and what the most important emails are to your organization.

It helps you so that you don’t spend too much time on emails that can wait. And you make sure you address the emails that are gonna make you money. So, that’s how to manage emails and how machine learning can help.


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