Email Management Software for Your TMS

Email management software is any software that you can attach to your email inbox to make sure that you’re sorting through and responding to emails appropriately.

You can use an AI email tool to help you respond to the most important emails extremely fast.

In the freight industry, incoming quote requests have to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you could lose the quote opportunity to your competitor. And we all know as far as freight brokers are concerned, there’s a lot of competition in the market.

Email Management Software to Answer Quotes in Minutes

You need to provide really good customer service by making sure email quote requests that come in are responded to within five minutes. Even 30 minutes is probably too long, you might’ve already lost the opportunity to your competitor.

Email management software can sync up with your transportation management software (TMS).

A lot of your clients are going to email you for quotes no matter what. Most TMS solutions have some kind of front end that allows a customer to go in and book their own shipments. And it provides a lot of self-service and it really helps the freight broker with automation so you don’t have to address each quote manually.

If the client or the shipper goes into your portal and books the shipment, it’s going to go through the ship and life cycle through your TMS without any manual intervention. But there’s some clients that are always going to email you, no matter what, for quote requests. They’re gonna email you for tracking requests.

Sync Your TMS With Email Management Software

What an email assistant or what an AI email assistant can do, it makes it so that incoming quote requests will actually sync with your TMS. The information needed for a quote is extracted from the email. The assistant uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. It’ll put that information into your TMS for you and then it’ll return an email to your client with a quote, the same way it would in a TMS.

Email management software is a great tool that works with any TMS. It essentially uses AI and the same kind of technology that’s used in your TMS to return a quote to a client via email. Again, some clients, they’re just always going email you for a quote request.

Tai Email Assistant

Tai Email Assistant can actually work with any TMS. So whatever you’re using for a TMS right now, if it’s working for you, great. Tai email assistant is an additional tool that can be added on in conjunction with any TMS that you’re using.

Again, some of your clients are always going to email you for a quote. Tai email assistant uses artificial intelligence to extract important information for quoting and then return a quote to your client within five minutes.

Also, this works in conjunction with any TMS that you’re already using. That’s really exciting for freight brokers because most people manage their shipments manually.

If an email comes in, you actually have to have a representative manually type that information into their TMS. An AI tool can just do the data entry for you and return a quote.

That also allows the staff member to spend more time on customer service and trying to solve problems that are pertinent to your organization or to help you be more efficient. So, less data entry allows you to provide better customer service. And the Tai email assistant can help you do this no matter what TMS you’re using.


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