UPS Freight LTL Insights Worth Remembering

UPS Freight LTL and How It’s Shipped

UPS freight LTL differs from UPS freight. When we say LTL, that stands for “less than load.” This means the freight itself does not take up the entire trailer or cargo area of UPS’s truck.

The division of UPS that handles freight is different than home delivery. Amazon packages delivered to your door, for example, are a different division than UPS Freight.

Instead, it would be less than load freight, meaning it is only one pallet or a few pallets. But, it is being shipped with other pallets that belong to a different shipper and that’s how you make up LTL.

What’s the Shipping Time?

With UPS Freight LTL, the amount of time it takes to ship from origin to destination varies. It depends on where you’re shipping. As well as how long the distance between origin and destination is. But, the standard is a five day waiting period to get it from origin to destination.

ups freight ltl

You can also pay more to get things expedited. Oftentimes when you’re shipping UPS freight LTL so large you don’t have to wait for a truck to come from too far away. The average would be one to two days for the shipping rates.

To ship, it’s grounded on a truck or a tractor with a cargo trailer. It wouldn’t take up the full space in the cargo van. It would only take up a small part, which is why LTL stands for less than load.


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