Tracker Software is the Technology That Can Help Tremendously

Tracker Software: Stop wondering where your shipment is

Tracker Software is any software that helps you track your shipments.

There’s a variety of ways to do it. A lot of times if you’re working with large LTL carriers, they’ll track through API. They also send their coordinates or their updates to your transportation management software. That’s a way you can track your shipments. If you’re not working with a company that has sophisticated software, there’s a lot of app-based solutions that can keep you updated on your shipments.

So a truck driver could download an application, and it will use the cell phone data to track the shipment.

There’s a variety of different ways. There’s also some hardware that you can install on your trucks if you own the fleet. But a lot of times nowadays, things are moving toward more of the app-based solutions. Most people have a smartphone. They can download an app that allows them to use their cell phone data and the map on their cell phone. This allows them to send tracking signals to whoever’s dispatched them.

Again, Tracker Software in the shipping industry is used to track shipments. But, you can track a lot of things. Even Uber or DoorDash uses it. But in the shipping industry, it’s used to track your actual shipments.

If you have freight moving with a particular tracking company, you want to be able to track it. And, there’s a lot more demand nowadays for knowing exactly where your shipments are. So, a lot of companies are implementing different app-based solutions. As well as different ways of sending API tracking to your TMS to track your shipments.

Tracking Factors to Remember

There are a couple of key things to keep in mind when evaluating Tracker Software. One of them is if you are going to receive real-time updates, or how frequent you will need updates.

If you need real-time updates, then a lot of times you’re going to want to use some kind of app-based solution. Or, if you have access to install hardware on the trucks, you could use that.

tracker software

Then there would be GPS coordinates. But the easiest things to install are usually app-based solutions. It downloads onto a driver’s cell phone and utilizes the map data. Then, it sends those coordinates to the management team which is trying to track the shipment.

For the most part, it seems like a lot of companies are moving away from hardware. A lot of times hardware can be very expensive to install. But, it’s still a solution. Especially if you own the trucks. A lot of times nowadays, people are working with a lot of different owner-operators.

An app-based solution for tracking shipments is where the industry is heading towards.


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