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Learn How Concept Logistics Turned a Difficult Situation into a Tech Opportunity

By implementing new technology solutions like Tai TMS and Parade’s capacity management tool, Concept Logistics was able to overcome the challenges faced during the pandemic. This allowed them to optimize their capacity utilization, build stronger relationships with carriers & shippers, and improve their bottom line.

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Concept Logistics has been a trusted logistics provider in New York since 1988. Always holding a commitment to clients’ individuality by providing custom tailored solutions to get their goods where they needed to go, they’ve proven their emphasis on impeccable service to be well founded. 

Concept Logistics Results at a Glance

1 %

Over the last 90 days, carriers hauling over 4 loads are at 60%. (Made up of 103 carriers)


Carriers that take 20+ loads per month.

34 %

Growth for Concept Logistics last year.

Pandemic Induced Disruption and the Need for Technology

Logistics companies encounter endless challenges, including managing carrier and shipper relationships.

Concept Logistics, a non-asset freight brokerage in New York, resolved these difficulties by adopting a new technology solution during pandemic-induced disruptions.

Replacing their old TMS with Tai TMS, a web-based system for FTL and LTL freight, Concept Logistics automated processes and improved visibility.

Tai TMS for Accurate Freight Quoting for Brokers
“The integration of Tai TMS and Parade gives us creativity. The tool allows us to use our systems in new ways. A lot of vendors don’t allow for that kind of configuration.
Greg Finnerty
VP, Operations - Concept Logistics

A Growing Tech Stack to Combat Obstacles

In 2021, Concept added Parade’s capacity management tool to automate freight matching, carrier outreach, quoting, and booking. Tai’s pre-built integration with Parade facilitated their entry into the TMS network, enabling a major customer to become nearly self-serving.

Using Tai and Parade’s custom integration, Concept streamlined carrier outreach for the customer by determining their preferences. Today, customers access a personalized TMS portal to book loads, with available carriers sent directly from Parade to Tai.

Collaboration and Innovation Keeping Customers Satisfied

Tai’s automation of posting and booking enabled Concept to reduce reps’ busy work and increase carrier interactions.

Previously, Concept’s reps relied on notebooks to track carrier information and preferences, making tribal knowledge their sole means of profiling carriers. Now, Tai helps Concept manage carrier data and preferences more effectively, allowing reps to share knowledge and book more advantageous loads.

Carriers Hauling over 4 Loads are at 60%

Concept prioritizes carrier reuse and employs Tai to track reuse statistics and make strategic improvements over time.

Recent statistics show that carriers hauling over 4 loads accounted for 60% of their operations over the last 90 days, among other impressive improvements.

Reps at Concept now benefit from enhanced relationships with top carriers, in-depth capacity information, and capacity data from Parade integrated into Tai TMS. This broadened view of available capacity enables reps to plan ahead, cover loads early, and minimize use of the spot market.