Retail Logistics: This is Where AI Actually Innovates

Retail Logistics Empowered by Tai Software

The retail logistics sector has evolved much the last 12 months. In fact, more than it has in the previous three to five years. This comes from the progression of online retail also coupled with consumers’ want-it-now mentality. It has made retailers across the world looking for ways to improve their supply chains.

Starting today, Tai Software will share its latest technology innovations. It will also share this with attendees at the D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit in New York. Tai Software is the pioneer of the Logistics Expert System, or LES. It is the creator of Tai. Tai is also the industry’s only cloud-based solution built on artificial intelligence or AI.

Tai Software representatives were in Booth 1 throughout the conference. It also showcased how the Tai platform of solutions can help retailers. It helps with the most practical and relevant ways to stay ahead of industry evolutions. The Tai platform also includes a shipping marketplace and mobile app. Tai Software’s solutions help bring efficiency and automation to retail organizations. They can maximize productivity, improve operations, and also upgrade outdated “non-intelligent” technology.

Retail Shipping

Tai Software and Supply Chain and Retail Logistics Business Intelligence – D3 conference

New research indicates the need for solutions to address the on-demand consumer. The Retail Supply Chain Report examined retailer progression during the last 12 months. It recognized the improvement of their supply chains’ quality and velocity. Tai Software commissioned the report. Results from the study show a surprising find. Retailers are in dire need of practical, relevant ways to understand shopping behaviors. To predict them as well. They also want to do this while delivering an on-demand consumer experience.

Some of the Report’s Key Findings:
Only 17 percent of retailers say they have full visibility over their inventory. This also includes in stores, in transit and in returns. It uncovered one of the biggest variables that challenges inventory optimization and forecasting. The variable is end customers who have turned the retail marketplace on its head. They’ve gone mobile, they’ve demanded “now” delivery, and they also don’t want to pay much for it.

The top forces shaping retail distribution network design are:

  1. Origin of demand at 81 percent
  2. Cost at 77 percent

Network Design and Retail Logistics

Network design is an equation of weighing up cost versus origin of demand. It’s an ongoing process. It also needs to be often measured, strategized and readjusted. This needs to happen often since costs change and consumer expectations evolve.

Forty-six percent of retailers say that the customer experience, or CX, is crucial. It takes the main part in measuring supply chain performance and accountability. Also in 2016, the majority of retailers considered CX only a company goal. It had no formal measurement for its impact on supply chain performance. Fast forward to 2018. Now, respondents are also active in measuring its impact. They now use key indicators. These include:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Tai Software is also the Title Sponsor at the third annual D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit. Askew presented the session, “Simplifying Your Business with Applied Intelligence.” It took place at 9 a.m. on May 10 at the event.

About Tai Software

Tai Software is the pioneer of the retail Logistics Expert System (LES). It also offers a cloud-based solution that combines:

It does this also all in only one platform. It is the only technology company to offer this.

Then there’s also the affordable Tai solution. It can analyze millions of data variables in real-time. Also, it allows companies to enhance and change business processes. It does this within the complicated and multi-party global shipping and logistics industry. It addressing unmet needs in the market.

The Tai Mobile Intelligence app is also another industry first. It allows any segment within the retail logistics network to operate with the data. This way it can address all shipment lifecycle “hot points.” It also does this anytime, anywhere. Shippers can enjoy having an intelligent LES platform. These include:

  • 3PLs
  • freight forwarders
  • asset carriers

It’s easy to install, use, and upgrade. Even other retail logistics software companies can use this technology.


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