Outlook Workflow Is the Solution You Need

If you’re using Outlook as your email inbox, a typical Outlook workflow would be, you see your emails as most recent to the oldest emails. And the common mistake that people make is they just kinda go through the oldest email, and they kinda work their way up the list.

Sometimes they even do the opposite of that. That’s what a typical day can look like if you’re really not using any tools and you’re not trying to be really efficient with your email, ’cause you’re gonna move through it from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Wouldn’t it be better to look at which emails are gonna make you the most money? Or which emails are the most important to the efficiency of your operation?

Outlook Workflow to Prioritize Emails

Sometimes, you’re gonna address emails that aren’t that important before emails that are extremely important to making money for your operation. Some workflow skills might be overlooked when you’re using Outlook to manage your inbox.

There are tools that help you surface the most important emails. These are the ones that are gonna make your company really efficient if you’re able to respond to them fast. They’re also the ones that are going to make your company a lot of money if you respond to them quickly.

Incoming Business

For example, if you have incoming business, like a quote request or somebody trying to do business with you, obviously, those emails need to be addressed immediately. You wanna get to those quickly before that client goes to your competitor.

So if you’re just going through your inbox from top to bottom or bottom to top, and you’re not skimming through or using some kind of AI tool or machine learning tool to help surface the most important emails, then sometimes you get lost in the details. When this happens, you can miss opportunities or new ways to make your company more efficient and make more money.

Machine Learning for Your Outlook Workflow

Machine learning can improve your Outlook workflow if you’re using Outlook to manage your inbox by helping you surface the emails that are most important. A machine learning algorithm will learn what emails are most important to you over time.

It’ll start with a way to surface the most important emails, but it’ll also get better as you use it. Are you trying to respond to quote requests as quickly as possible? If you’re in the logistics industry, you need to be able to respond to tracking updates quickly as well. You also need to sort through documents and make sure they end up in the right place.

outlook workflow laptop business

A machine learning algorithm will help you address those emails. You can make sure that they’re surfaced and that you see them first. It will actually help respond to them as well. That will allow you to make more money, be more efficient, and grow your business.


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