LTL Freight Quote: Get the Best Rates As Quick As Possible

LTL Freight Quotes and What is Needed

LTL freight quotes are on the website of the carrier. But by finding them there, you only get rates from a single carrier. A TMS can provide a rate, and more importantly, they can get quotes from many carriers.

LTL freight is shipments that are a few pallets. It could be anything up to six pallets, non-stackable, or 12 pallets stackable. So they’re usually palletized, which are on pallets.

LTL Freight Quote

A pallet is usually about 48 by 40-inch pallets, usually up to 96 inches in height. When carriers are picking up this type of freight, it’s usually between 10 and 12 linear feet. The best way to get an LTL freight quote is through an LTL routing guide.

All you need is:

With this, they could get results from 10 to sometimes even 30 or 40 carriers at the same time.


How Classes Are Determined

LTL freight class is determined by five factors:

  1. Commodity (what you’re shipping)
  2. Density (the length, width, and height of the shipment)
  3. Handling (how easy is it to handle, is it fragile and is it heavy)
  4. Stowability (how easy is it to move around)
  5. Liability (if the shipment is fragile and/or valuable)

These are some of the things that you have to consider when it comes to freight class and LTL freight quote.


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