Inbox Zero Guide for Competitive Freight Brokers

Inbox zero is a philosophy that a lot of people in the business world use.

We all get so overwhelmed with emails that it can be really inefficient. You don’t want to wait until you can get to an email, but you can’t just leave it in your inbox either. You end up overwhelmed with too many emails in your inbox at the same time.

What is Inbox Zero?

What inbox zero is, is if you know you can address an email later or tomorrow or later in the week, you actually just snooze that email so it leaves your inbox. Then you get to the emails that absolutely have to be addressed immediately.

This allows you to be a little bit less stressed and be more efficient. You can get through your inbox by not having so many emails appear at the same time.

You’re always trying to make your inbox zero by snoozing certain emails. Those are the ones that can wait till tomorrow, or later in the day, or next week. This way you’re making sure that you respond to the most important emails, to making money, to customer service, and to being more efficient.

Inbox Zero for Freight Brokers

The philosophy of inbox zero for a freight broker can be really difficult. There are just so emails in the freight world that you can’t snooze and leave them until tomorrow. You end up feeling like everything in your inbox is a priority at all times.

You’ve got incoming quote requests, tracking update requests, and there are all kinds of important documents coming in on a regular basis. So it’s really easy in the freight industry to slip back into just the common way of addressing emails as they come in, in order, instead of trying to find a more efficient way to address the emails in a timely manner.

Tai Email Assistant

Tai Email Assistant can help freight brokers achieve inbox zero, or zero emails in your inbox. It will address the important emails for you.

inbox zero hands laptop keyboard

Tai Email Assistant uses AI and machine learning to extract the most important emails, like quote requests, tracking update requests and document sorting. It returns a quote or a tracking update to the client. That allows you to provide better customer service and not be so overwhelmed with incoming emails.

One of the most common problems in the freight industry is that every email in your inbox is super important to customer service. Some of them might cause you to lose business if you don’t address them immediately.

What Tai Email Assistant does is it extracts the most important emails and returns a message for you that looks like it came right from you. So you’ve addressed every important email that’s gonna help you provide better customer service. Now you have help to make money and be more efficient as an organization.


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