GPS Vehicle Tracker: It’s Here to Offer Superior Oversight

GPS Vehicle Tracker is a Useful Tool

As a driver, check calls can take a lot of time. Instead, you can use one of the GPS vehicle tracker apps. This is what you can do to get rid of or reduce the number of check calls.

There are a bunch of options for apps that you can put onto your phone or the device that you can have in your cab. They’ll provide tracking information back to your customer or broker. Or whoever you need to communicate that information to. There are some advantages when you pass that information back to them. One, you get the real-time data back to your customer. Two, you reduce the number of times that they would call you and ask where that freight is at.

Instant Information Relay Means Faster Pay

Getting paid fast is something that we all want, especially as a driver. Finding ways to get your customer or your broker to pay quicker is definitely beneficial. One of those ways is using a mobile app that communicates information back to the customer or broker. In particular, sometimes those apps will also allow you to pass back POD information. This is along with confirmation of charges or even confirmation of delivery as well as GPS vehicle tracker data.

Say that you send information back to your broker or customer when you complete the shipment. After you drop off the freight, the broker or customer can get your payment to you even quicker. As a result, it allows you to fulfill your obligations to the customer or broker very fast. You won’t waste two or three weeks trying to get a POD back, which would delay your payment. So, turn that POD around right on delivery. That makes your life easier in the cab as well.

Keep Better Track of POD Documents and Signatures

You don’t have to worry about misplacing the document. Snap a quick picture of it as soon as you deliver the freight. With the Tai Mobile app, you can capture the delivery signature from the user and give it a direct link to a POD document. This is rather than trying to hold the document flat. Or making sure you have a good background and the document is legible. So, you can capture the signature, send that right back, and get yourself paid even quicker.

gps vehicle tracker

Tai Mobile is also one of the best driver assistant apps to help with shipment tracking. It provides GPS vehicle tracker locations back to the broker or to your customer. Sending that information back makes life a little easier for you by reducing check calls. Also, the Tai Mobile app can give the driver delivery instructions if there are any. It will tell you what you can do or what you need to do upon delivery or upon pickup. For example, it stores information like gate access codes or even the dock number that you need to bump up against.

GPS Vehicle Tracker Takes Delivery Instructions

There is all sorts of useful information that you can get straight from the app. If you have a residential delivery or a liftgate delivery, the app will tell you that. It will give you a heads up before you get there so you don’t have any surprises.

It also facilitates making appointments. Right from the app, you can click on a call button that dials the phone number for the delivery agent. You can call them right up from there. There is no need to look for the phone number. You don’t have to call your customer and get the phone number. It’s right in the app, one click away, to help you make that appointment. It will help you make sure that you can deliver the freight the first time and not waste a bunch of time driving around.

Another great benefit is POD delivery. You can capture a signature right on the app. Then that signature will appear right on a POD and it is sent back to the customer as soon as you deliver the shipment. Another option is if you have a specific POD or if you need a signature on the Bill of Lading document. You can capture that signature on the document when you take a photograph of the document. You can then send that full document back that way, along with GPS vehicle tracker info. So, there are a bunch of different options on how you can complete the job. These are tools to make your life easier, faster, and more streamlined.


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