Gartner Conference: This Is Tai Software’s New Technology

Gartner Conference: Tai Software Shares Innovations

Tai Software shared its latest technology innovations at the Gartner Conference. Also, the event is being held this week in Phoenix. The technology allows companies to upgrade existing logistics software into super intelligent solutions.

Tai Software is the pioneer of the Logistics Expert System or LES. It is also the creator of Tai. That’s also the industry’s only cloud-based solution built on artificial intelligence or AI.

Tai Software representatives will be in Booth 706 throughout the conference. There they will be demonstrating the LES advanced technology platform. They will also show how the technology is the next evolution of TMS. They will show that and more.

The LES gives supply chain executives newfound visibility. Also, it will give them data access to achieve real-time decision-making. It will do this by using its built-in intelligence. The Tai technology powers the LES. It is able to assess, analyze, and provide recommendations. Also, it can execute change for many logistical and business situations. It changes the different situations that affect all players within the shipping industry. Tai incorporates business process management and consulting intelligence into a platform’s workflow. It is the industry’s first solution that does this.

Gartner Conference

Time for the Logistics Industry to Grow

The LES transforms how companies can leverage software intelligence. Also, they can then manage their supply chain and related business processes. This is important in today’s on-demand world. All supply chain executives should ask themselves if their logistics software is intelligent.

About the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

GSCEC 2018 was the world’s most important gathering of supply chain leaders. Disruptions large and small confront today’s supply chains on a daily basis. Chief supply chain officers and also their leadership teams team gather up here. They focus on how to recognize the impacts of disruptions. They create transformational strategies that empower the organization to exceed performance expectations.

About Tai Software

Based in Atlanta, Tai Software is the pioneer of the Logistics Expert System (LES). It offers a cloud-based solution. Also, it combines the following into one platform:

  • transportation management systems
  • mobile intelligence
  • integration intelligence
  • consulting intelligence
  • business intelligence
  • artificial intelligence

It is the only technology company to offer this.

Then there’s the affordable Tai solution. It can analyze millions of data variables in real-time. Also, it allows companies to enhance and change business processes. It does this within the complicated and multi-party global shipping and logistics industry. It addresses unmet needs in the market.

The Tai Mobile Intelligence app is another industry first. It empowers any segment within the logistics network. It allows them to address all shipment lifecycle “hot points.” Also, it does this anytime, anywhere. Shippers can enjoy having an intelligent LES platform. That includes 3PLs, freight forwarders, and also asset carriers. It’s easy to install, use and upgrade. Even other logistics software companies can use this technology.

For more information, you can visit www.tai-software.com. You can also follow us on LinkedIn , and like us on Facebook. Here you can find out how to advance your logistics into the future.


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