Freight Companies: How to Make the Best Decisions for Shipping

Freight Companies vs Logistics Companies

Freight companies are different from a logistics company. This is because a logistics company actually has assets that they have control over. The freight forwarding firm is an entity that coordinates the movement.

In other words, they specialize in the coordination of the movement of that freight. They will know how to do all the documentation for you. They will get everything ready for that shipment, but they don’t actually move it on their equipment. The freight forwarding has no assets. The logistics company is going to have assets. That’s the main difference between the freight forwarding company and the logistics company.

Which Companies Stand Out?

I have observed that some freight companies stand out from the others. Some of the ways they do this is in their ability to deliver on what it is that they say that they’re going to do. Here’s an example: they will get paperwork to either the driver or whichever entity requires it. For a freight forwarding company to deliver on agreements is critical. That is the standard in the freight forwarding industry.

Freight Companies

A service-level agreement matters with freight companies. This is because the timeliness of documents is important for shipments. Documentation is critical. That is true for international shipments or for imports to the US, or any country for that matter. You have to know what’s inside of that cargo or inside of that container to receive it. So if that paperwork is not there, then your shipment is not there. You must have an agreement like that in place to make sure that what you need is being delivered.


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