EFS Software Updates R4 2016

Update Highlights
2016 R4 / Monday, September 19, 2016

The 2016 R4 release will be available to all users on Monday September 19, 2016. This release includes more than 90 items that are designed to help improve the workflow and usage of the application. We also have several new features that we hope all customers can take advantage of.


Guaranteed Rates
Support for Guaranteed Rates and shipments has been expanded. We have also improved workflow items to support guaranteed shipments. Visibility to guaranteed shipments are now available on dashboards, domestic search, and shipment profile pages.
Carrier Compliance Visibility
We have improved visibility to the current status of carriers. This is especially focused on truckload carriers. The carrier information popup has been redesigned to give more relevant information in a more streamlined way.  Color coordinated assessments of the carrier will be visible throughout the system.
Accounting – Security Model Updates
We are continuing to improve the security of the application. With this release we have expanded the accounting security roles to include 10 new roles that will replace the existing Accounting User / Accounting Admin roles. The new roles are designed to be more granular and easier to understand.
Baseline Report
This is a new report that will show baseline data for LTL shipments. It will save zip codes, weight, average class, and margins at the time the shipment was created. This report can be used to help identify potential problems with shipments, customers or carriers. The data can be exported and evaluated to determine what and when shipments are changing after they have been booked.


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