EFS Software Updates R3 2016

Update Highlights
2016 R3
The 2016 R3 release is around the corner with numerous improvements and bug fixes. In addition to the new features, we have spent a great deal of focus working on improvements behind the scenes and specifically with reporting accuracy.
Get Docs Direct From Carriers
With the push of a button, POD’s, Weight Inspection and BOL documents can be retrieved direct from the carrier!  We have started this with Estes and will be expanding to other carriers. Let us know who you would like to see made available!
Trucker Tools Require Signature
We have added new features to the load track integration with Trucker Tools. With the new “Require Delivery Signature” and “Require POD image” features, we greatly expand the tools available for truckload shipments.
Update Carrier Bill To On The Fly
You now have the ability to update the Third Party Bill To Address at the shipment level. This will give you the flexibility to update BOL verbiage as needed when a tariff is unavailable for any reason.


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