EFS Software Updates R1 2017

We have been really busy over the first 60 days of 2017 and we are about to release our first big software update for the year.  There are 100+ items on this release!  Below are three of the big ones.

Redesigned Truckload Workflow                                                                                   

Truckload users, rejoice! We have a new streamlined workflow that speeds up order entry as well as a redesigned TL Dispatch Board for managing and tracking loads. A Macropoint Integration is also available expanding on our ability to track TL shipments in real time.

Send POD From Invoice Delivery

You asked and we listened! TMS now has the ability to include links to POD’s in the Invoice Delivery email. For any customer listed as “POD Required”, TMS will now automatically look for any attached POD’s and include a link to the document in the body of the email. This will occur when sending Invoices from the Invoice Delivery page.

Smart Quote

We are introducing new functionality that will intelligently speed up the quoting process using a customized prediction algorithm. The new algorithm uses customer and shipment data to identify the 6 most likely carriers that are a best fit for the shipment. Stay tuned as we further enhance this feature in the TMS.


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