Dispatch Program for Truckers that is Simple, Powerful, and Amazing

Dispatch Program for Truckers: Say Good-bye to Hard Work

A dispatch program for truckers is designed for an asset-based carrier and allows a trucking company to dispatch their freight from a computer.

You will no longer have to do it the old fashioned way, which requires:

  1. Picking up the phone
  2. Calling your driver
  3. Telling him where to go
  4. Giving him all the details of the freight

Instead, the dispatch program for truckers sends information right to a driver’s phone. This way they’ll have the pick up details and where to go, which makes it easy and convenient for the fleet.

Real-Time Updates and GPS

This program helps with tracking the drivers’ location due to GPS within the software. When attached to the mobile phone of the driver, it allows you and the customer receive real-time updates.  This way you both are aware of when the shipment is arriving at its destination.

You will no longer have to call the driver to know their location. Instead, you can use real-time GPS and check your TMS with the integration, which will allow you to see exactly where they are.

A good dispatch program for truckers requires ease of use. You want to be able to dispatch that to your fleet, or whichever member of your fleet is closest to that load.

So, look for something that’s easy to use and allows you to track the driver. This way you know where they are and when they’re empty. As well as when they can pick up the next load, and where they are in relation to getting the freight delivered.

To Sum Things Up

TAI Mobile, our mobile app, allows you to track and trace the driver. It is a dispatch program for truckers that works from your phone. For a larger asset-based company with a large fleet of trucks, you need a robust TMS to do dispatching. Whereas for the smaller fleets, a lot of those owners are actually driving a truck themselves.

dispatch program for truckers

TAI Mobile, a dispatch program for truckers, makes it’s easy for you to run your whole business. Dispatch, track and trace, right from your mobile phone with our product TAI Mobile.


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