Compare Shipping Rates a Faster, More Effective Way

Compare Shipping Rates the Right Way

Compare shipping rates using the right tools.

There are a few ways that people compare rates that are pretty primitive:

  • Using a pen and paper to write down rates that you pick up from a carrier.
  • Typing it into Excel spreadsheets and managing rates manually, by hand
  • Logging onto your favorite carrier’s website and pulling back rates there. You may even compare it to another one or two.

That can be a way to go about getting rates.

But, there are plenty of systems out there that will allow you to compare shipping rates. And they’ll present all the options available as well. Teknowlogi has a TMS that allows you to do that.

Things to Consider

There are a couple of common mistakes made when you compare shipping rates. I’ve had a customer enter the information they believed was correct for a rate or future shipment.

What many folks don’t take into consideration is when they compare rates are:

  • The length of the commodity that they’re moving
  • The total weight of it
  • How it’s handled

So, when they get a quote from the carrier, they don’t have all the information entered in. Then they end up getting the wrong rate back and this causes issues for them and their customers down the road.

And these are only a few mistakes made when people compare shipping rates.

compare shipping rates

For More Accuracy

When it comes to moving freight around, you need a lot of individual pieces of information. This will make sure that you get an accurate freight rate.

You’ll need the class of the shipment, determined by the weight and the type of commodity that’s moved. The size of the pallet can also influence that. There’s a lot of information needed to compare shipping rates.

So, how did they bundle the shipment? Is it on a pallet, in a drum, is it crates that are being moved around?

All this is going to influence it:

  • Weight
  • Class
  • If available, the NMFC information for it

That’s going to ensure that you’re going to have the right class assigned to your shipment. The dimensions are going to affect that.

These are all critical pieces to moving your shipment around and comparing shipping rates.


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