Collection Letter: Before You Forget, Let Your TMS Do It

Collection Letter and TMS

Cash flow is king when running a business and for a freight brokerage. For a collection letter, it’s no different. You have to make sure that customers pay your invoices in a timely matter. That means making sure customers are aware of when invoices are due and what is past due.

The Efreightsolutions (EFS TMS) can give your customers the visibility to their invoices. It saves your staff time in communicating statements, invoices, and supporting freight documents.

Constant Reminders for Customers of Past Due Invoices

The EFS TMS can send individual weekly emails and collections letters for every past due invoice. It can send customers these weekly reminders until it gets paid. Each email contains a friendly reminder about their past due invoice. It also includes all the supporting documents attached (invoice, POD and/or BOL).

Collection Letter

Give Visibility and Easy Access to their AR Statement

Most TMS applications do not store collections letter data on their system. This is because the invoice payment statuses are in a separate accounting system. On the EFS TMS, it records invoice payment statuses on the system. This means customers have easy access. They can access real-time AR Summary Reports and Credit data. That stems from the freight broker’s customer portal.

Email Collection Letter Summary Statement to Customers Direct

Here’s a solution to be more aggressive in communicating weekly. You can send the AR Summary Report to every customer. The EFS TMS will send an email to them on a weekly or monthly basis. We can help you with more information on how a TMS can help assist with the collections process.


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