Cheapest Way to Ship: Is it worth the price?

Cheapest Way to Ship 101

The cheapest way to ship a tough question.

It’s a matter of doing your own research or finding a load board or a digital marketplace that you can trust. For example, digital marketplaces allow you to see rates offered. These are from different carriers or logistic service providers all in one place. There’s a few other versions of that out there, but that’s the easiest way to find the cheapest way to ship.

You could go to different trucking companies and do your own research. But if you want it to be quick and efficient, I would suggest a digital marketplace.

If you choose the cheapest way to ship, you want to watch out for the service. Everybody wants to keep their shipping costs as low as possible. But relationships matter. There’s definitely carriers out there that keep their shipping cost low.

You could end up with a:

  • Damaged shipment
  • Slow shipment
  • Late shipment

They may have so much volume that they don’t think about the actual service.

If you want your shipment to get to its destination:

  • On time
  • In one piece
  • With no damage or no problems

You may have to pay a little bit more. If your main concern is the cheapest way to ship then you shouldn’t expect it to arrive on a particular date. Let it be okay for it to get there a couple days late if you want the cheapest cost.

cheapest way to ship

If you want good service, you might have to do a little bit of digging. Find that middle-of-the-road price where it’s the cheapest but the service is going to be good.

It can also change based on what you’re shipping.

If the shipment:

  • Has larger dimensions
  • Is heavy or it becomes necessary for your shipment to have a lift gate or forklift get it off the truck
  • Requires kind of assembly or some kind of special care

It’s going to drive up your shipping cost because it requires more caution.


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