AI Email Assistant Technology for Freight Brokers

An AI email assistant is something that you can attach to your email inbox to address important emails in a timely manner.

A lot of us, especially in the freight world, get bogged down with emails.

It can be really overwhelming when you have a bunch of quote requests or tracking updates coming in all at once. An AI email assistant can help you sort those emails and make sure that the most important ones are addressed immediately.

An AI algorithm will actually respond to your most important emails for you in a way that looks like you responded to the email. It allows you to provide better and more efficient customer service.

It will allow you to make more money too. You can use AI to make sure you’re addressing all incoming quote requests. Any kind of inquiry that could lead to a new customer gets a quote in a timely manner. It can also make sure that a current customer gets a quote in a timely manner so they don’t go off to a competitor.

What Does An AI Email Assistant Do?

An AI email assistant makes sure all of the most important emails in your inbox are addressed.

It will extract the information that is pertinent in that email through natural language processing. And it actually returns an email to your client with the details that they need. AI email assistants allow your business to grow much faster. Your employees aren’t completely bogged down with emails anymore.

It can be really hard to decide which ones are most important to your industry. It can be really difficult for an operations associate within a freight organization to not feel overwhelmed with incoming emails. Some days it feels like every email is really important. You end up in this rut of just kinda going through them one at a time.

Take Basic Email Tasks Off Your Plate

An AI email assistant can make sure that incoming quote requests, tracking update requests, or document sorting happens through the AI instead of through the human being. The AI actually responds to the email as if it’s the human being. This allows the human being to be more efficient with their customer service time.

Also, you’ll be able to spend more time selling and less time trying to get a quote for somebody or make them wait because it was at the bottom of your inbox.

Benefits of an AI Email Assistant

It’s really easy to get bogged down with incoming emails if you’re in the freight industry. And it can be really hard to decide which ones are most important. But an AI email assistant can make your job easier.

If you’re just trying to get through your day, it’s really easy to get caught in the rut of just answering emails in the order that they came in. But an email assistant tool will extract the most important emails for you. These can include:

  • Incoming quote requests
  • Tracking update requests
  • Bills of lading
  • PODs and other documents

When those come in, it will sort those for you or it can respond to a quote request for you, so you’re leveraging artificial intelligence instead of having to need a human being to address each email.

Your team can spend more time providing better customer service. It makes sure that you don’t miss any quotes. You won’t lose an opportunity to your competitor.

Email Assistant Benefits for Freight Brokers

An AI email assistant in the freight industry actually responds to incoming quote requests for you. A lot of times, freight broker operations teams get bogged down with incoming quote requests.

Especially if they’ve got all these other emails like tracking updates, tracking update requests, and documents to sort through, like bills of lading and PODs.

An AI email assistant will do for you is actually respond to the incoming quote. When a quote comes in, it’ll return a quote to the client within five minutes rather than having to wait until the human being gets to that email.

ai email assistant featured

This allows the human being or the operations representative to provide better customer service. Now they’re going through and addressing questions that an AI email assistant can’t.

But the AI email assistant is making sure it responds to all the most important emails, like an incoming quote request, a tracking update request, or PODs or bill of ladings that need to be sorted.

The AI email assistant will do that for you and it’ll return those quotes to your clients. That allows you to generate more revenue, be more efficient, and provide better customer service.


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