Quickly Mobilize Your Organization with a TMS

Tai software is your best bet if you’re looking to gain a competitive edge in the freight brokerage business.

As a stakeholder in the transportation or logistics industry, you know how important it is to have a Transport Management System. If done right, a TMS can guarantee improved operational efficiency, lower operational costs, greater customer satisfaction, and more profits for your organization.

It’s also frustrating to get it right the first time, given there are many TMS implementation services on offer, each claiming to be the best, and it’s easy to get confused. Similarly, implementing a TMS can be an excruciatingly slow process. This may mean a reduction or halt in operations in such a time-sensitive industry, affecting your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Why You Need Tai Software

Between 2017 and 2022, the Freight Forwarding Brokerages and Agencies industry grew approximately 3.7% each year, with the industry’s market size estimated to be at $156.7 billion. The sector is also speculated to experience a further 7.9% growth in 2022, Ibis World.

This points to one conclusion; the industry is huge and growing, meaning more competition.

But it’s not just the promise of quick implementation. Tai software offers many more features to ensure your organization is always ahead of the pack.

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Here are Some of Tai Software’s Additional Features That’ll Guarantee you an Edge Over your Competitors:

Better Rates With Tai Marketplace

Are you a Less than truckload (LTL) broker or a Full truckload (FTL) broker? Tai TMS marketplace is one utility you should take advantage of.

The Tai marketplace platform features:

  • Access to competitive rates from integrated brokerages
  • Automated shipments
  • Real-time data and instant rating to ensure informed decision making
  • Option to generate automated quotes, BOLs, shipping labels, and invoices
  • Vetted and verified sellers/ brokerages

Whether you’re an LTL broker looking for better rates, or an FTL broker looking to maximize your freight resources, Tai TMS marketplace can assure you of the best deals and rates available.

Email Assistant

Tai TMS software features a novel email assistant which can extract pertinent details from incoming quote requests. It also uses natural language processing and sends back the most accurate quote to clients per your set rate. The utility can also parse clients’ status update requests and respond with the most accurate and up-to-date shipment status. This typically takes less than 5 minutes, from request to response.

This email assistant reduces the staffing required to respond to such requests, further reducing your operational costs. Additionally, since the assistant is AI-powered, there won’t be any downtime when responding to client requests meaning more on-the-spot quote and status update request handling.

By responding to more quote requests, your organization is assured more business and possibly more revenue. Quickly handling status update requests means less anxiety and better satisfaction for your clients.

Shipment Visibility

Need to be kept in the loop with shipments? Tai TMS has you covered. You can get real-time data on all shipments on one platform. You can also relay this data to your clients when responding to their status update requests.

24/7 Support

Tai software is backed by a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts well-versed in how Tai software works and freight matters. No matter what challenge you face when using Tai software, you’re assured of timely support at no extra cost to your organization.

Top of the Line Automation

Leveraging on API, EDI connectivity, and knowledge in logistics, the team behind Tai TMS has built an unmatched end-to-end automation capability for the software. Due to this, a shipment can go from quote request to fulfillment without additional manual work.

Tai TMS is fully integrated with major carriers and shipment visibility options to ensure the seamless running of your freight brokerage.

Automation also ensures you serve more customers faster, and they’re more likely to be satisfied. Understanding the value of customers is a significant factor in ensuring supply chain success, as determined by Gartner’s supply chain top 25 for 2021.

Up-to-Date and Comprehensive Carrier Data

Carriers are crucial in ensuring seamless transport operations and order fulfillment. Given how critical they are, it’s essential to have adequate information on them to help decide the best carriers to use.

The team behind Tai software understands this. You’re guaranteed to have the most comprehensive carrier data to help your organization choose the best carriers based on cost, reliability, reputation or any other metrics your organization deems necessary.

The transport and freight industry is dynamic, and changes can occur even on short notice. For this reason, Tai software updates all carrier data regularly to ensure you’re working with the most up-to-date and relevant data available.

A Growing List of Integrations

The main goal of the team behind Tai TMS is to empower brokers like you by bringing all the necessary tools needed to manage a freight brokerage under one roof effectively.

Some of the integrations available in Tai software include:

  • Rating intelligence tools
  • Capacity integration
  • Carrier integration
  • Shipment visibility and tracking
  • Accounting and documentation
  • Load boards and Coverage sourcing
  • Carrier onboarding and Compliance

The list of integrations available on Tai TMS is growing, and it’s updated as new solutions and technology come up.

An All-In-One Package

The best part about Tai software is all the features mentioned above are packaged in a single solution. Therefore, your team won’t have to worry about using other separate utilities to get the job done. By working on a single platform, your team can complete more work in a shorter period.

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What is the Main Objective of a TMS?

The main objective of a TMS is to help freight brokers scale their business by facilitating better coordination from on-the-spot quotes to shipment fulfillment. A successful TMS implementation ensures a better customer service experience for clients, an empowered team, reduced operational costs, and more revenue for organizations.

What Best Practices Should be Followed When Implementing a TMS?

The most crucial step when implementing a TMS is finding the best service provider, like Tai TMS, to help you scale your business. To do this, you should take stock of your business requirements and needs and look for the best provider that covers all of them.

Other practices to be followed include:

  • Encouraging participation by all team members to discourage TMS project rejection
  • Communicating your support needs to your TMS service provider as soon as you encounter challenges
  • Regular training to ensure your team understands the TMS fully
  • Regular monitoring to ensure you’re on track with the goals you set in place before implementing the TMS