Try Out EDI Logistics Software the All-In-One Platform for Simplifying Freight Management

Traditional paper-based exchange of business documents is time-consuming and prone to errors. System-to-system EDI communication and transaction replaces fax, email, and postal usage. It enhances communication and decision making in logistics.

While paper-based exchanges like invoicing and quoting involved lots of people and paperwork, EDI processes flow straight from the source’s computer to the receiver’s system, involving no users.

Companies in the supply chain industry need to have systems capable of sophisticated logistics which require sophisticated logistic software that can handle EDI processes to automate every aspect of the business. Otherwise, running the business becomes incredibly challenging and time-consuming.

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Take Complexity Out of Freight Management

There are many business documents shared between freight partners. These include purchase orders, invoices, shipment notices, tracking updates, and more. While it’s exhausting to send reminder emails about invoices, shipment notices, and regular updates, most companies have to do it regularly because they have no other option.

EDI is a technology tool that can move your business from disorganized and complicated shipping logistics to a streamlined and efficient workflow. With Tai’s EDI Logistics Software, you will enable your business to operate smoother since you don’t need to input data manually for each individual freight management process.

Logistics organizations can rely on EDI for everything from onboarding new carriers, communicating with shippers, to receiving and sending invoices. This takes the complexity out of freight management, allowing managers to focus on other business development strategies.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry By Utilizing Automation

Multi-carrier management and logistics operations can be challenging if you have to manually key in data into your system for every transaction. This also hinders your ability to connect and integrate transport data for advanced analysis which leads to better decision making.

Using EDI Logistics Software, 3PLs, freight brokers, and shippers can expedite data flows by integrating different tools in a centralized location to enhance data analysis and online presence. By integrating IoT into Tai TMS, managers can oversee every ongoing process within their dashboard. The system also collects data and analyzes it to help with faster decision making.

Have Consistent Output with Shipment Foresight

Without manual document sharing, it’s easier for information to reach required parties. You don’t need to check-in on your drivers to find out the location of your shipment or wait for an invoice email to know that the shipment has arrived. You can easily monitor your shipments from your dashboard containing real-time data. This enhances the company’s efficiency in responding to updates or changes.

With an EDI Logistics Software on the cloud and wireless device communication, you can get instantaneous alerts at any stage in the supply chain. With notifications arriving straight into your mobile phone, you don’t have to sit in front of workstations all day to monitor the shipment progress.

Save Time in the Shipment Cycle with Instant Quoting

The primary roles of EDI transactions are to streamline and automate invoicing, purchase orders, acknowledgments, payments, tracking and more. Quoting can be automated and made more accurate by collecting data from the bidding information. To secure transactions, quoting must have required information, otherwise it’s rejected.

Traditional quoting processes are time-consuming, and in the ever-changing logistics market, they may prove risky. If other shippers send automated quotes to different companies and receive an instantaneous response from another organization, you’re highly likely to lose the customer. With EDI Logistics Software, you can make instant quotes allowing decision makers to book shipments faster. 

Strengthen Business Relationships with Reliable Delivery

One of the most important metric is tracking. This is because it allows partners to make concrete plans for when the shipment arrives. When your company makes the delivery on time, as suggested by your tracking systems, your customers can reliably make decisions based on your predictive ETAs. EDI Logistics Software can deliver accurate ETA, which carriers can share with customers, shippers, or broker in real-time.


Maintain Trust with Transparent Tracking

With EDI Logistics and IoT, it’s easy to receive accurate tracking information for all your shipments. EDI Logistics will collect all data from IoT and trackers in the shipments and calculate the time of delivery based on different factors, including the speed of the truck and distance from the destination.

Increase Operational Efficiency with Direct Integration Capabilities

To avoid manual data entry and allow efficient EDI operations, you must integrate all functions like email, spreadsheet, word processing, and invoice processing into a centralized location. This software will perform all necessary operations, managing all functions.

EDI Logistics Software allows you to seamlessly integrate all essential functions into the system, making automation easy. You can employ tools like email assistant to help send automated emails faster.

Respond to More Quotes With Instant Email Drafts

Instant email response helps to provide an immediate answer for questions that your customers may have. This helps in cases where the shipper or carrier needs to make a prompt decision. For instance, if a carrier sends a quote for a shipment, instant email drafts may respond with a next course of action or acknowledgment of receipt.

It might also be important to inform customers when you’re closed. This is helpful to shippers who’re looking to make an immediate shipment.

Open The Door For Quick Decision Making with Shipment Visibility

With EDI Logistics Software’s advanced AI, IoT, and Trackers, it’s easy to monitor the shipment’s progress from the warehouse to the destination. This can allow you to make informed decisions at any stage. And with instantaneous alerts on your mobile, you can make decisions and resolve issues faster. For instance, if the system notifies you about sudden weather changes that could hinder freight path, you can easily change route to help drivers navigate the problem.

Summarizing the Importance of EDI

One of the key roles of a logistics organization manager is planning and risk management. However, most managers are often held with invoice validation, manual bidding, checking quotes, and responding to emails. This is time-consuming, and it hinders business growth.

It’s important that managers automate freight management so they can focus on the essential business roles. Using EDI Logistics Software, logistics companies can perform these roles instantly, reducing delays and onboarding clients faster. Request an EDI Logistics demo software today to find out how we can help you increase efficiency.