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Tai TMS Automation Doesn’t End With The Booking. Direct API And EDI Carrier Integration Give Your Staff Insights And Control Over The Entire Shipment Lifecycle. Automated Dispatching And Tracking Moves Shipments From Quote To Delivery Without Ever Needing Manual Intervention. Carrier Updates Feed Directly Into The TMS Activity Log For Quick And Easy Customer Updates On Demand.


Give your clients unmatched visibility into every shipment, increasing customer service and minimizing theft.

Tai TMS elevates your tracking with our Tai Mobile app, which continuously updates directly into the self-service portal and provides you and your customers on-demand visibility and reassurance.

  • Direct API integrations (No third-party integration required)
  • On-demand rating engine displaying every LTL rate in one portal
  • Automated dispatching and tracking

Tai TMS’s API tariffs give brokers and their clients instant access to LTL rates, delivering on-demand LTL rate shopping. Display all your LTL rates in one location and provide instant quotes to your client. They can access your LTL rates directly through a branded self-service company portal, increasing shipment volume without increasing your workload.


Tai TMS allows brokers to track LTL shipment right from the shipment profile. Through direct API integrations to LTL carriers, your tracking updated feed directly into the shipment activity log. This allows your operations team to keep a close eye on shipments in transit, empowering your customer service team with on-demand updates. Updates also display in your client portal, giving your customers the ability to track their shipments.