Five Ways Freight Brokers Can Improve Quote Accuracy with Tai TMS

tai-freight broker quotes

In the fast-paced world of freight, accurate quotes can make or break your business. Your ability to provide customers with precise pricing is the key to winning their trust and securing profitable deals. But let’s face it, scouring multiple websites for pricing information is a time-consuming and mind-numbing task. Tai TMS can help by saving brokers 20-40% of their time on manual tasks, streamlining the quoting process, and boosting profitability with five proven methods. Say goodbye to manual searches and hello to growth. Effortlessly enhancing your quote accuracy and boosting your company’s profitability is as simple as five proven methods.

Don’t let outdated strategies hold you back; revolutionize your freight business with these 5 ways that Tai can benefit your business:

1. Streamlined Shipment Integration

When it comes to integrating shipment requests seamlessly, Tai TMS is your go-to solution. Our cutting-edge platform takes the hassle out of managing multiple channels, including EDI and Email support.

Your team will gain access to a centralized system that consolidates all shipment requests in one convenient location. No more wasting time jumping between different platforms or digging through piles of emails. Now, you can effortlessly stay on top of every shipment with ease.

2. Centralized Rating Intelligence Tools

Having all your essential tools in one place can make a world of difference. With Tai TMS, you gain access to a centralized hub where your pricing intelligence tools converge, including lane averages and recent quote history.

Our state-of-the-art platform allows for effortless comparison of rates across various channels, enabling you to set competitive pricing that keeps your business ahead of the pack. No more jumping from one system to another or sifting through piles of data. Tai TMS puts all the information you need at your fingertips, so you can make informed decisions and maximize your profitability.

3. History-Based Pricing

When it comes to setting accurate pricing, historical data is a game-changer. With Tai TMS, you have the tools at your disposal to effortlessly access and analyze previous carrier quotes, allowing you to determine average pricing for similar lanes and shipments.

Our cutting-edge platform lets you tap into the wealth of historical information, ensuring that your pricing aligns with your established quote history. By leveraging this valuable insight, you can provide your customers with precise and competitive quotes, fostering trust and boosting your business’s success.

4. Recent Quotes from Your Carrier Network

Effortlessly collect and access the most recent quotes from your carrier network, ensuring accurate pricing to stay ahead of the competition.

Our powerful platform equips you with the ability to verify the accuracy of pricing by comparing it to the market rates. By keeping a pulse on the industry, you can ensure your business offers competitive pricing that attracts customers and drives growth.

Experience the power of real-time insights with Tai TMS. Embrace a proactive approach to pricing and never miss a beat when it comes to the latest information from your carrier network.


5. Automated Quote Response Templates

Responding to quote requests can be time-consuming, but not with Tai TMS. Our revolutionary platform simplifies the task with automated response templates that streamline workflow.

Tai TMS provides you with a range of customizable templates that can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs. Responding to customers becomes a breeze as you save valuable time and ensure consistency in your interactions. With just a few clicks, you can send professional and personalized responses, leaving a lasting impression on your clients.


Forget about the hassle of juggling multiple websites and systems. Tai TMS consolidates all the necessary tools in one place, eliminating the need for constant switching. Your team can focus on what truly matters – securing new business and driving company growth.  Plus, with Tai TMS automating quoting for you, you can achieve 20% more accuracy than the industry average. Your reps will have the time to cover more loads, maximizing efficiency and profitability. Discover the power of Tai TMS today!