Truckingboards Direct the Ranking of Delivery Opportunities

Truckingboards Defined

Truckingboards is a website where a broker can post a shipment that needs to move from one place to the other. That allows a little bit of competition to occur. So there are many carriers that have access to that particular load board.

In the system, carriers can see what shipment needs to move, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going to. Then they provide a bid for that. So that bid is a big piece of what it is that our broker does. They need to be able to go out, find a price for a shipment, and then give that price back to the customer. The load board, or Truckingboards, is the best place for them to do that.

Customizing Technology

Technology does exist similar to Truckingboards. Two that come to mind are load boards called Internet TruckStop and DAT. These load boards are the primary ones that you connect to. But of course, customization is something that we’re willing to work with. In particular, I would have to say that we excel with the way that we integrate with the different sites like Truckingboards.

Our system allows the customer to update posts to make sure that it doesn’t get too old. It allows brokers or our customers to post their load. Then we actually give them a few options for reposting their loads. This deletes their old entry and then reposts it as a new one. So that’s a useful feature. Then there’s no reason for one of their staff members to continue to remove and repost that load.


Another great feature that comes along with this is the interaction between customers and the carrier. So some of those load boards allow information to come back to us. We then present either some of that pricing information or general notes from the load board to our customer.


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