Trucking Software and How it Can Benefit You

Trucking Software: How it can Help

Trucking software is for truck drivers, or trucking companies to manage their shipments. So let’s say, I’m a trucking company and I have a bunch of trucks moving across the country. I could use some tracking software to manage those trucks. As well as:

  • Schedule pickups
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage invoicing and payables to manage fleet of trucks
  • Manage the accounting

That is what trucking software does.

Real Time Trucker Tracking and a TMS

So, how does real time trucker tracking works with a transportation management system (TMS)? Let’s say you have a driver who’s moving a shipment from California to New York, and you want to know where they are. You no longer have to call the truck driver to find out where they are with the shipment. The trucking software allows you to track the driver’s truck right from the TMS.

In a TMS, you can take a look at a map and see where the truck is on that map. We get GPS coordinates right from the driver’s cell phone device that get sent back into the TMS. The best trucking software for your company depends on how big your organization is.

TMS vs TAI Mobile

Let’s say you’re a big trucking company with at least 30 or 40 trucks. With a lot of staff, you’ll need a system like the TAI TMS. With a TMS you can manage:

  • Tucks,
  • Payables,
  • Invoicing
  • Staff

You can manage this all through the trucking software.

trucker software

If you are a mom and pop trucking company, owner-operator, or have your own truck, then the TMS might be a little too much for your needs. So, instead you have the TAI mobile solution. So, with TAI mobile, you’ll have a page you can log into to track and trace your truck. As well as do point of delivery (POD) images and receive documents, all through the mobile device. So TAI mobile would be best for a small company, and a TMS is a great fit for larger companies.


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