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Learn How Tai’s Strong Integration Network and Process Automations Helped American Group Scale

American Group encountered accounting complications with their previous TMS, which led to the loss of five years’ worth of shipping history and hindered effective tracking and financial management. To address these issues, they turned to Tai TMS for a more reliable solution.

Tai TMS American Group

American Group is a leading concierge-level freight broker. Recognizing the limitations of their previous transportation management system (TMS), the company sought a new solution to overcome the challenges they faced.

American Group's Results at a Glance

1 Hours

Reps are saving an average of 5 hours per week, per rep due to the efficiencies brought about from Tai’s Ai engine and strong integration network.

35 %

Reps are 70% faster at finding truckload load coverage than they were prior to switching to Tai TMS.

Automating Processes so You Can Get Back to the Things That Matter

By automating processes and eliminating manual entry errors, American Group has significantly improved their operational efficiency and financial management accuracy. The implementation of TaiTMS  has facilitated smoother dispatching of both Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) shipments, reducing administrative burdens.

Tai TMS for Accurate Freight Quoting for Brokers
"We wanted our team to be as productive as possible and to be able to take care of our customers as quickly as possible. We had issues with the previous TMS that we used syncing with the accounting software. Tai had that solved right out of the box. So we don’t have to sync, it doesn’t cause as many errors and we have better security around our AP and AR functionality."
Michael Schember
CEO, American Group

Unlocking Efficiency and Financial Control through Tai Software

Since integrating Tai TMS in September 2021, American Group has experienced minimal downtime, allowing them to maintain uninterrupted operations and revenue flow.

All told, American Group is now:

  • Saving 5 hours per week, per rep
  • Realizing 50% efficiency increases through automated invoicing and billing
  • 70% faster at finding load coverage

Tai TMS has brought about positive changes for American Group, enabling them to streamline their operations and refocus on their core business. Notably, the accounting module within Tai’s TMS eliminated the need for syncing with QuickBooks, providing a self-contained and secure solution.

American Group has found Tai’s TMS to be a reliable and efficient tool that has simplified their shipping operations and enhanced their overall efficiency.