The Best Shipping Container Information from an Expert

Shipping Container Type Selection Matters

There are many different shipping container and trailer types available. This selection plays a big role in how the customer books the shipment as well as how the broker is going to handle it. So on the international side, there are a few different container types.

There is a refrigerated kind. There are a couple of different sizes that are available. For those customers that move those shipments, there again those are going to be standard sizes. There aren’t a lot of options there, especially for those folks that are doing less the shipping container load. They don’t have an option. Their shipment goes into whatever container is available through the broker they’re working with.

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Domestic Trailer Types and Stackable Freight

On the domestic side, there are a bunch of different trailer types that are available. So, our system informs the broker of what classification a shipment is. It tells, based on the dimensions, whether the freight is stackable. All those things are going to be available to the broker. Then the broker can determine the type of trailer that suits that particular shipment. Yes, our services will help the broker. The customer determines what it is they’re going to need to move the freight on. If the broker is lucky, some of the shippers actually have their own shipping container to put freight into. There isn’t much of a need for them to pick a trailer.

Again, on the domestic side, they need the dimensions of the freight, the stackability. And they need to know whether the materials are hazardous. Our system collects all that information. It is then visible to the broker. This helps the broker decide on the type of trailer for a given freight. So there are definitely a lot of differences between the various types of trailers.

Shipping Container: Length and Refrigeration

On the container side, there are a few that are available. The main differences are that there are a few different length options. Another is whether they have refrigeration. But, on the domestic side, the shipping container doesn’t even have to be a shipping container. There are so many different trailer types. There are flatbeds, there’s refrigerated stuff, there are vans, there is Conestoga stuff that’s wrapped by a tarp.

Our system allows the broker to see what it is that the customer wants to ship. Then based off of all that information, we have the ability to identify those different trailer types. Then we can get that information over to the person that will be moving the shipment.


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