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Find Load Coverage 70% Faster And Streamline The Entire Lifecycle Of A Load

As a freight broker, you understand that building strong relationships with shippers is essential for long-term success. Providing an exceptional customer experience is key to achieving this goal, but it can be challenging in the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of the industry.

That’s why Tai TMS is designed to streamline your workflow and save you time at every stage of the shipment lifecycle. With Tai TMS, you can focus on providing top-notch customer service and cultivating lasting partnerships with your clients.

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Let us change the way you think about technology.

Accelerate your business workflows by integrating seamlessly with your essential broker tools and carriers for a unified operational ecosystem.

Scale Your Brokerage With Tai TMS

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Hours Saved Each Week Per Rep

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Increase In Shipment Volume

Phase 1 – Shipment Creation

Are Manual Processes Causing You To Lose Loads To Your Competitors?

Streamline your data entry with AI and direct ERP system integrations. Quickly import shipments and utilize auto-fill features from address books and product catalogs. Our tools not only reduce manual data entry but also enable management to monitor win-loss ratios for spot quotes, significantly saving time and enhancing decision-making.

Phase 2 – Quote Creation

Win More Loads By Optimizing Your Freight Quoting Process

Streamline your brokerage’s quoting process and increase your chances of winning more freight with our pricing intelligence tools. Easily access lane averages and quote history all in one place, empowering you to quote with confidence and speed. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches across multiple platforms and hello to faster responses and more business.

Phase 3 – Carrier Sourcing

Capture Additional Load And Carrier Data + Reduce Fraud

Manage your carrier network and streamline load coverage from one user-friendly page. Send email blasts, post to load boards, and leverage capacity management tools easily. Carriers can provide quotes via mobile-friendly links, automatically organized on a single page, reducing your team’s data entry and efficiently gathering pricing data.

Phase 4 – Carrier Selection & Dispatch

Reduce Quote Errors + Improve Carrier Selection With Real-Time Data

When you receive quotes for your shipment from different sources, it can be challenging to choose the most suitable carrier. Tai TMS simplifies the carrier selection process for brokers by providing them with a platform that facilitates data-driven decision-making based on factors such as price, ratings, margin, and compliance.

Phase 5 – Transit

Reduce Manual Tasks And Improve Customer Service

Tai provides brokers with various solutions to streamline freight tracking procedures. By integrating with top-rated real-time tracking software and offering a built-in bulk texting feature, brokers can effortlessly monitor driver locations on all active shipments. This effectively reduces the requirement for manual check calls on 85% – 90% of shipments.

Phase 6 – Delivery

Fast Paperwork Processing = Getting Paid Faster

Tai streamlines delivery finalization using AI and integrations. Forward carrier emails with BOLs and PODs to Tai’s document processor, which uses AI and imaging to import and sort attachments efficiently. This reduces time spent on sorting documents and eases the search for missing paperwork, simplifying operations.

Phase 7 – Billing

Automate Your Billing

TMS saves your accounting team hours daily. It automates carrier bill audits, verifying paperwork and comparing bills with initial quotes. Matching bills are auto-approved; mismatches go to a variance list for review. Tai also integrates with quick pay software and factoring companies, streamlining operations and enhancing convenience.

Why Choose Tai TMS?

Tai gives your team unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards and capacity tools.

Full Operational Visibility

Create a hierarchy for your organization and connect all of your tools to gain the visibility you need.

Professional Client Portal

Your own branded Customer Portal to give your customers access to book and track shipments.

Accounting Made Easy

Automate your documents and carrier bill audit with Tai accounting automation.

LTL Marketplace

One-stop-shop for finding the most competitive LTL rates.