Overcoming Driver Objections: Better Delivery Technology You Need to See

Reasons to Install the Tai Mobile App

Overcoming driver objections, in this case, means designing our mobile app to work for delivery drivers. To take full advantage of all of Tai Mobile’s capabilities, you need to install the app. By installing the app, you will be able to upload all your POD documents. You’ll be able to provide check call updates to your broker.

It will also enable you to get paid faster. When you upload all your documents at the time of delivery, the broker can now pay you faster. Corresponding documents could be POD documents for example.

Tai Mobile App Uses Little Battery

The Tai Mobile app drains very little battery. The app itself runs in the background of your applications. This goes a long way toward overcoming driver objections. This means it’s not sucking the power out of your battery. Also, the app runs only while you have accepted stops and during shipment movements. And usually, drivers have their phones plugged into their dashboard at all times. The amount of energy that the app uses equals to visiting Facebook three or four times. That’s about as much power as the app takes. As of January of last year, over 80% of all cell phones in the United States were smartphones. So it will be very rare that a driver does not have a smartphone.

Overcoming Driver Objections

You would also want to explain this to the driver. That way they can take advantage of the app and all of its benefits. For things like faster payment, tracking, and check calls they need a smartphone. As far as their aversion to technology, the app is very easy to install and very easy to use. It’s very intuitive, and we made it very simple for anyone, any driver of any technology level to use.

overcoming driver objections

The app only monitors you from the time you accept the stop to the time you deliver the stop. So you have control of when the app is monitoring you. As soon as you complete the last stop, the app stops monitoring you. You don’t need to fear that the app is going to track you outside of those hours. This helps with overcoming driver objections. It only monitors you for the shipment lifecycle. You also have the ability to accept the stops or not to accept the stops.


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