LTL Freight Companies You Need to Learn About

LTL Freight Companies Specializations

LTL freight companies specialize in moving less than truckload-sized shipments.

They’ll usually have aggressive blanket discounts with a lot of the common carriers. They also specialize in negotiating customer-specific discounts with the shippers.

So if a shipper has a high volume of shipments, they could go to a carrier and negotiate a specific rate for them. It’s based off the freight class they moved, and the lanes that they ship.

Some of the large companies out there are:

Selecting the right LTL freight companies is seeing what technology you have.

ltl freight companies

When it comes to LTL, a lot of it’s automated. Having a portal on their website to put in information to get quotes and generate a BOL is important. It is key as well to have access to tracking information and documentation. Like with a POD, signed BOL, or even inspection certificate.


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