Logistics Solutions in the World of Advanced Software

Logistics Solutions: Tai Software’s Bread and Butter

The logistics solutions industry is changing fast due to a multitude of new technologies. The speed at which these technologies are being introduced is incredible. It creates both opportunities and challenges. This is for an industry that serves today’s on-demand world.

Starting today, Tai Software will share its innovative, yet practical, technology solutions. We do this with attendees at the North American 3PL & Supply Chain Summit. The event takes place this week in Atlanta. Tai Software is the pioneer of the Logistics Expert System, or LES. It is also the creator of Tai. Tai is the industry’s only cloud-based solution built on artificial intelligence (AI),

Tai Software representatives were in Booth 32 throughout the conference. We gave demonstrations on the LES advanced technology platform. The technology represents the next evolution of innovation for the logistics industry. With its built-in intelligence, the LES gives supply chain executives newfound visibility. It gives innovative data access to achieve real-time decision-making.

Logistics Solutions

Showcasing Tai

Moreover, the Tai Software team showcased how the Tai powers the LES. The LES is able to assess, analyze, and provide recommendations. It can execute change for many logistics solutions and business situations. This affects all players within the shipping industry. Both the Tai Mobile Intelligence and the Tai Shipping Marketplace will be on display.

Tai Mobile Intelligence enables on-demand self-service for the following:

It serves all segments of the logistics solutions industry. It creates a one-stop shop for all types of asset carriers, 3PLs, and shippers. The Tai Shipping Marketplace is an online, self-service tool. It’s a tool that the Tai Software platform delivers. The platform connects buyers of shipping rates. These buyers are looking to save money with sellers of shipping rates. These are sellers who are looking to make money across North America.

Organizations recognize there are some basic areas where technology can create tremendous value. It can create efficiencies within the walls of their organizations. At Tai Software, we engineer solutions with both innovation and practicality in mind. We do this to help companies simplify and deploy the right technologies.

New Study Points to Industry Ready for Change

We commissioned The 2018 Supply Chain Study. The study examined the relationship between today’s supply chains and also their technology. The study included a survey of 104 supply chain executives too. They hail from retailers, manufacturers, and brands. They were from both North America and Europe.

Among the study’s findings:
The majority of supply chain executives are already using AI in some capacity. Thirty-three percent of supply chain executives use AI in an experimental manner. Moreover, another roughly 17 percent apply it to specific business processes. Then only limited numbers make extensive use of technology across their supply chains. This suggests that it’s still a nascent technology.

Calculating ROI from technology needs to change with innovation. Forty-six percent of respondents still use traditional methods to calculate ROI. This has to do with measuring the cost of the technology, then calculating the recovery of said cost. Innovation becomes more of a necessary expenditure. This also means that there will be a shift in ROI calculations to include other variables. For example, variables include efficiencies gained, competitiveness, and organizational growth.

Logistics Solutions for Weather Disruptions

Weather-related supply chain disruption is an enormous issue. Extreme weather affects 28 percent of supply chains on a yearly basis. While 40 percent experience frequent disruptions more often. Companies need real-time information with the right strategy. This is so they can respond as fast as possible. They can then also fix problems as soon when things don’t go as planned due to disasters or inclement weather.


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