Load Boards That Will Help Connect You to the Right Drivers

Load Boards: Who Uses Them?

Load boards are a key tool of the logistics industry. Say you’re a freight broker and you move full truckload shipments. You need to find drivers who can actually move your product.

Let’s say that I’m shipping a truck full of video games from California to New York. I need a driver to actually move that shipment for me. There is a bit of a driver shortage these days, so what a freight broker will do is they’ll go on a load board. Think of it as Craigslist. You can post what you’re shipping and then drivers will be on there trying to find work.

You go on a load board and you make a posting saying, “hey, I need to move a truck full of video games from California to New York. Who can do this for me? Who’s out there who can actually handle the shipment?” A freight broker will actually make a posting the way I described it. Drivers will start calling the freight broker. They say, “hey, I can move it for this amount” or “I can move it for this amount next week” and so on. So it is a tool that a freight broker uses to find coverage for shipments.

How can TMS help?

The TMS can help you manage your load boards. A load board is like Craigslist where you can make postings. But unlike Craigslist, there are many load boards. There’s DAT, Internet Truckstop, Post Everywhere. Those are a few examples of the different load boards that you can post to.

Load Boards

In the TMS, you can actually connect each of your load boards to the TMS. Usually, you have to log in to each of these different boards through different websites and URLs. Instead, they can all integrate into the TMS. You can create one posting in the TMS and it goes out to all the different load boards. That’s how the TMS can help you manage your logistics here.

From the perspective of a truck driver, I would recommend DAT and Internet Truckstop. Those are the two most popular sites out there. But if you’re a truck driver, you want to get on as many of these as possible. That is because the more boards that you’re on, that means the more opportunity for you to get work. So you want to be on as many boards as you can.


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