Leveraging a TMS to Attract Top Sales Agents

Attracting the top sales agents can determine if you make or break your sales goals for the year.  Differentiating yourself from the crowd is key to bringing in the top talent you need to help grow your business.  Outside of offering lucrative compensation packages, what attracts top sales agents is having a TMS that has all the right tools to help them succeed.  Below are 5 ways you can leverage a TMS to attract top sales agents to move freight with your company.

  1. Easy Access to Customer & Shipment Information: If you want to recruit top sales agents having online access to their customer profiles and shipment information is a must these days.  Being able to give their customers this same online access to their rates, shipping documents, and track information is a great selling tool that they need to continue growing their book of business.
  2. Real Time Commission Report:  Nothing makes a sales agent happier than seeing what commissions have been approved for payment and how much they should be expecting.  Giving online access to all their commission history can easily make your brokerage more attractive to a competing brokerage with the same level of access.
  3. Visibility to Customer’s Accounting Information: If your commission plans only pay out commissions when a payment is received by a customer, then having real time access to the customer’s aging report will give your sales agents the visibility they need to find out why certain commissions are not being paid out.  They’ll know real time which of their customers are not paying their bills on time without having to inquire about this information from AR or wait for a weekly AR report to be generated that is not real time.
  4. Comprehensive Sales Reports: Top sales agents closely monitor their existing book of business so they are always aware of any volume drops or spikes.  Good sales reports can paint a picture of which customers are trending up / down or which customers need a follow up call due to inactivity.
  5. Provide a White Labeled TMS Site: Some of the best agents are sometimes other 3PLs that specialize in other modes of transportation.  Instead of offering them a portal to access your services like any other re seller, why not offer them a full TMS to access your services and move their own shipments under their authority.  This eliminates your agent from having to double entry shipments into two different TMS applications.

If you would like more information on how our Freight Broker Software can help provide a individualize platform for your entire sales network, please email me at [email protected] or call 877-261-4004 x130.


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